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January 12, 2017 in Virtual Reality

Dream3d Virtual Reality Just What the Doctor Ordered

Dream3d Virtual Reality What The Doctor Ordered for Sick Children Worldwide Inside a Melbourne, Australian hospital lies a place of healing and wonder. Phoria, an immersive media start-up, has taken up…

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January 1, 2017 in Uncategorized

Great Design: Hamburg’s Elbphilharmonie- Turning Doubters into Believers

Showcasing examples of great web design around the world. Today in great web design, we’re taking a look at what has been one of the most controversial projects in Hamburg, Germany…

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December 21, 2016 in Virtual Reality

Gear VR Headsets Offer Positional Face and Eye Tracking

The Samsung Gear VR is one of the most successful virtual reality headsets of all time when it comes to pure numbers. According to at least one objective analysis, the Samsung and Oculus-developed device is projected to sell upward of 2 million units by the end of this year. This gargantuan number includes all the iterations of Gear VR, of which there have been several. Earlier this year, Samsung released its latest version of the smartphone powered VR HMD and, according to a recent patent, an even more advanced version may be on its way.
As first noted by German site Galaxy Club, a Korean patent application filed by Samsung was recently made public that showcases a version of the Gear VR with never before seen features. Positional tracking, face mapping and eye tracking are all highlighted in this single patent titled “Image Processing for Head Mounted Display Devices.”
Positional tracking is a VR headset’s ability to understand its location in 3D space. Currently, the Gear VR cannot do this. It can track the movements of a user’s head as it moves side to side or up and down, but does not allow the user to lean in closer to virtual objects or to walk around a digitally rendered environment. The Gear VR imagined in this patent application, however, might adopt an outside-in tracking methodology that looks similar to the PlayStation VR.

A series of LED lights placed on the headset would be picked up by an external camera and that information would be translated into positional data inside the headset itself. This external camera appears to have an antenna as well, suggesting that this new tracking system will be relayed between the phone and the cameras wirelessly.

In addition to positional tracking, this future Gear VR would also come equipped with face and eye tracking capabilities as well. According to the patent, the new Gear VR would have a wreath of electrooculographic (EOG) sensors specifically designed to track your eye movements while inside the headset. A similar swath or infrared (IR) sensors would map and track the movements of your face.

Eye and face tracking could be hugely important for the next generation of VR headsets. Google recently purchased Eyefluence, a company that was making perhaps the most significant strides in VR eye tracking, for an undisclosed sum. Eyefluence technology turns the eyes into the primary control method of an HMD and this approach could revolutionize how we interact with these devices.
Face tracking and mapping are also features that many think should become built-in standards for future VR headsets. Tech like this could help us build more realistic virtual avatars and use those creations far more naturally than before. Social interactions in VR would be amplified significantly by bringing a user’s real time face and eye movements into the experience. Companies like FOVE are already hoping to create headsets that have this capability but it would be a significant coup to see it incorporated into one of the industry’s most “mainstream” devices.
Patent applications are by no means a guarantee of future product features so take this document with a grain of salt. However, it at least provides us with some insight into what Samsung is thinking when it comes to the next generation of the little-HMD-that-could.
We will bring you more Gear VR news as it becomes available.
Tagged with: eye, face, gear vr, patent, positional, samsung, tracking

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December 18, 2016 in Business, Ecommerce, Marketing

Small Business E-commerce Shipping Options

Are e-commerce shipping charges slowing your sales? Choosing the Right E-commerce Shipping Strategy Business Insider reports that “approximately $4 trillion worth of merchandise is abandoned in online shopping carts” annually. Unexpectedly high shipping costs,…

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December 4, 2016 in Mobile Applications, Uncategorized, Web Design

Mobile-Friendly Websites Increase Black Friday Sales

Mobile-friendly Websites Crucial for Black Friday Sale Success For many small businesses, the day after Thanksgiving (Black Friday), is when a business moves into the black and becomes profitable.  Those with Mobile-friendly websites can direct…

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November 18, 2016 in Design, Virtual Reality

Free VR Drawing Program ‘Quill’ Available Dec. 6

A lot of corporations out there have picked up the annoying habit of charging for their products. Thank goodness Oculus is here to buck that trend. This week, the Facebook-owned virtual reality company is announcing that yet another launch title for its highly anticipated Touch platform will be completely free of charge.
Quill is a VR art experience that is being designed and released by the award winning team at Oculus Story Studio (Henry, Lost). In a blog post, the group revealed that the “illustrative storytelling” tool will be available as a beta “for free when Touch launches December 6.”

This means that Quill is the latest to join a growing list of Touch experiences offered free with pre-orders, including highly anticipated titles such as Dead and Buried, VR Sports Challenge and The Unspoken.
By making this type of content, and releasing it free of charge, the young company is betting big on its software’s ability to drive people toward its hardware. The company announced at OC3 that it had spent $250 million to help fund content for its platforms and that it planned to spend at least that much again in the future.
You get a free game! And YOU get a free game!
Quill itself was created out of the need at Oculus Story Studio for in-VR art tools while making its newest production: Dear Angelica. According to the company:
“Quill was born out of the creative needs of Dear Angelica’s Writer/Director Saschka Unseld and Art Director Wesley Allsbrook. The unique style and story of Dear Angelica required it to be painted and shaped entirely inside of VR, something that has never been attempted.
In October of 2015, during one of our 48-hour hack-a-thons, Inigo—the lead engineer on Dear Angelica and a mad genius with code—created the first version of what would eventually become Quill.”
Oculus Touch releases on December 6 at $199.
Tagged with: art, Dear Angelica, oculus, Oculus Studios, quill

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